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    Roshan Industries
    is one of the major manufacturer & exporter of custom-built wire netting for various industries. Conceived and promoted by Mr. T. G Pandey since 1974. Roshan Industries is constantly innovating the design and to serve industry better.We are ISO 9001-2000 based company.
    manufacturing and supplying 2 units across India our head office is Mumbai based which only dealing with exports and other unit which is based in northern part of India Uttarakhand dealing both in export and local supplies across India.

    As the industries are increasing and expanding their activities, more and more quantity custom-built wire conveyor belts are required to meet the growing demands. These necessiates constant improvements of the design, standard and technical know how, to meet the specification of the industries and their products.

    We manufacture wide range of steel conveyour belt to suit the customer requirements. One of major produced and consumed conveyor belts i.e Z-47 articulated wire belt which is only manufactured by M/s Roshan Industries across the world which has not onlyutilised and supplied to all Biscuit industries in India.are also exported to all asian countries and African country These are standard and tailor made metallic wire conveyor mesh manufactured as per the specification required or used by reputed processing units in Biscuit Industry, Confectionary, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Food and Beverages, Cement, Tyre Manufacturer’s, Chemicals, Frozen Food Manufacturer's.

    Decades of manufacturing experience and strict quality control, and well managed and experienced staff with new technology of machinery have helped us to beg the prestigious order from reputed companies like M/s Parle Biscuits Pvt ltd (all units in India & abroad),M.s Britannia Industries Ltd (All unit in India & abroad),M/s ITC Ltd India ,M/s Surya Agro Pvt Ltd (Priya Gold), M/s Anmol Biscuits PLtd, M/s Tifany Ltd Dubai, M/s Ceylon Biscuits Ltd Srilanka, M/s CBL food Ltd, srilanka, M/s Maliban Biscuits Manufacturer Ltd Srilanka. etc.

    Roshan Industries conveyour belt are manufactured with best quality wire available in market (Tata steel),which is laboratory tested for customer satisfaction. And with quality work man ship and precission going on in every belt manufactured. Roshan Industries can provide wire conveyou belt withstand a temprature range frpm 10degree celsius to 1150 degree celsius. Each belt manufactured by Roshan is factory inspected for accurate specification and workmanship. Roshan Industries also manufactures conveyour belt as per client requirement, specification and requirement.

    Our Mission :

    Roshan Industries is the vital link in the supply chain, adding value with efficient and costeffective service and solutions for our customers and our suppliers.

    Our Vision :
    For Our Customers :

    We will add value for our customers by anticipating and identifying their needs and providing cost-effective products, through excellent and efficient service, we will meet our customers' expectations. They will see us as a leader in the industry.

    For Our Suppliers :
    We will be the channel of choice for our suppliers by providing cost-effective and efficient ways to bring their products, services and solutions to our mutual customers. They will see us as a leader in the industry.

    For Our Employees :
    We will provide an environment that challenges our employees to learn, grow and prosper in an atmosphere of respect and recognition. Our employees will be proud to work for a profitable and thriving company, which is a leader in this industry.

    Our Quality Policy & Objectives : Roshan Industries is well known for its quality conveyor and service we are Roshan continuously strive for quality service and goodsAt Roshan, Quality is a commitment to error-free performance. We are committed to continuous improvement through the utilization of good quality material and manufacturing processes and assuring consistent conformance to customers' expectations

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