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  • Clients:
    Britannia Industries Limited Kolkatta
    Britannia Industries Limited Delhi
    Britannia Industries Limited Chennai
    Britannia Industries Limited Rudhrapur
    Britannia Industries Limited Bangalore
    Britannia Industries Limited Mumbai
    Britannia Industries Limited Gwalior
    Britannia Industries Limited Haldwani
    Uttam Biscuits Co. Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad
    Kamakhya Foods Pvt. Ltd Guwahati
    Sunrise Biscuit Co. Pvt. Ltd Guwahati
    Nalanda Biscuit Co. Ltd Patna
    Pawan Biscuit Co. Pvt. Ltd Chakradharpur
    French Foods India Pvt. Ltd Faridabad
    R.K.M. Foods Pathankot
    Hospet Foods Pvt. Ltd Hospet
    Vijaynagar Food Products Pvt. Ltd Hospet
    Shangrila Food Products Ltd Mumbai
    Klassic Foods Pvt. Ltd Nashik
    Delta Foods Pvt. Ltd Ghaziabad
    Super Snacks Pvt. Ltd Ghaziabad
    Gokul Foods Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    Bhagwati Foods Pvt. Ltd Kanpur Nagar
    International Bakery Products Ltd Pondicherry
    Indian Foods Pvt. Ltd Madurai
    Uttam Food Infrastructure Park Pvt. Ltd Khopoli
    Vinpack India Ltd Mysore
    Ganges Vally Foods Pvt. Ltd Hooghly
    Shah Bectors & Sons Khopoli
    Paramount Nutrients India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
    Rajashri Foods Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
    Kwality Biscuits Limited Bangalore
    Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad
    Joyco India Limited Baddi
    ITC Limited
    ITC Ltd Bangalore
    ITC Ltd Haridwar
    Shakti Biscuits Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
    New India Palamar Foods (P) Ltd Pondicherry
    V.R. Packers Chennai
    Cremica Agro Foods Ltd UNA
    Mrs. Bectors Food Pvt. Ltd Phillaur
    Home Made Bakers (India) ltd Haryana
    Excel Food Products Pudukkotai
    Mr. Brown Biscuit New Mumbai
    Bakewell Agro Ltd Saharanpur
    Moti Biscuit Burdwan
    Big Boss Fods Pvt. Ltd Burdwan
    Narayana Processed Food Pvt.Ltd Nagpur
    Food Creation Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
    Utsav Food Products Nadiad
    Mohan Bakers Pvt. Ltd Kolkata
    Raja Biscuits Pvt. Ltd Kolkata
    Arti Biscuits Asansol
    Pomsy Food Products Kerala
    Anmol Biscuits Pvt. Ltd Kolkata
    Priya Gold
    Priya Gold Lucknow
    Surya Foods Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Vile Parle
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Neemrana
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Bhadurgarh
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Bhuj
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Rudhrapur
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Sitarganj
    Parle Products Pvt. Ltd Khopoli
    Anand Food Products Hyderabad
    Ruby Confectionery Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad
    Nabisco Confectionery Foods India Pvt. Ltd Kolkata
    Lucky Biscuit Company Patna City
    Ganesh Bakers Pvt. Ltd Raipur
    Lao More Biscuits Pvt. Ltd Ahmedbad
    Sweety Industries Nadiad
    Sweetco Food Industries Nadiad
    Man Foods Pvt. Ltd Silvasa
    K.M.M. Foods Pvt. Ltd Ahmedbad
    G.P. Manglani Foods Pvt. Ltd Bhavnagar
    Elveety Industries Pvt. Ltd Hubli
    M.B. Food Products Indore
    M.B. Bakers Indore
    Bunty Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd Ambernath
    Satyam Food Products Khamgaon
    Shivam Foods Nagpur
    Shiv Shakti Processed Foods Vadgaon
    Srujan Foods Pvt. Ltd Sholapur
    Venugopal Foods Pvt. Ltd Satara
    Modern Bakers Madras Pvt. Ltd Chennai
    Patwari Bakers Pvt. Ltd Madurai
    Swati Biscuit Mfg. Co Kanpur
    Annakut Biscuit Co. Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    Pahladrai Confectioneries (P) Ltd Kanpur
    K.N. Food Industries Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    Rishi Bakers Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    Rama Krishna Bakers Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    M.P. Biscuits Pvt. Ltd Varanasi
    Kohinoor Biscuit Products Noida
    Tirupati Bakers Pvt. Ltd Allahabad
    Balaji Bakers Pvt. Ltd Gorakhpur
    Dhananjay Confectioneries Pvt. Ltd Indore
    Ajmer Food Products Pvt. Ltd Ajmer
    Kushal Foods Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    Sahara Bakers Pvt. Ltd Faizabad
    K.N. Bakers Pvt. Ltd Kanpur
    Lingaraj Biscuits Pvt. Ltd Bhubaneshwar
    Bombay Biscuits & Crackers Pvt. Ltd Nashik
    Balaji Edibles Pvt. Ltd Jabalpur
    Naunidhi Industries Pvt. Ltd Aurangabad
    Shivangi Bakers Pvt. Ltd Khamgaon
    R.J. Food Products Jalgaon

    Azan Oven Pvt ltd Faizabad
    Aifso Enterprises Mumbai
    Prima Eng. Pune
    New Era Machines Delhi
    Stanzy Oven Equipment Mumbai
    Bake-o-Nomic Corporation Mumbai
    Oven Man India Pvt Ltd Faizabad

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