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“We were experiencing serious tenting issues with all plastic belts in two spiral freezers. As a result, we had to shut down the line each time this occurred. Each occurrence would require us to clean these systems. We replaced these belts with Ashworth’s Omni-Pro® belt and since that time we are able to run five consecutive days without shutting down our lines. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in product throughput, reduction in downtime, and maintenance cost.”

Mark Prehotsk, Maintenance Manager
ARYZTA, LLC, Hazelton, PA

“Ashworth’s expertise in producing quality belts and providing excellent engineering support is why we use their Omni-Pro® belts on our spiral coolers and spiral freezers. Ashworth’s Omni-Pro® belt is durable and provides reliable performance which ensures great product throughput while minimizing downtime and maintenance cost. Ashworth’s team provides excellent technical support services design to help us extend the life of our spiral belts. ”

Tony Corica, Project Manager
ARYZTA, LLC, Hazelton, PA

“I just wanted to congratulate the Ashworth crew for a job well done repairing our 42” spiral freezer. I want to complement your 10-man crew for their great work and safety values. I was immediately impressed when your foreman did an initial work area assessment and discovered threaded studs protruding from the floor. He took immediate action and tied yellow caution tape identifying the hazards. Lastly, while the crew was working you could sense their outstanding teamwork, communication, motivation and safety culture as they worked together safely and efficiently.”

Robert Becker, Assistant Maintenance Manager
ARYZTA, LLC, Hazle Township, PA

“Our spiral was down because of electrical drive issues. We were losing production. I contacted Ashworth Factory Service and they rushed a technician in to troubleshoot our spiral. Their technician repaired the drive issue and got our spiral back up and running. I am very pleased with the level of service provided by Ashworth Factory Service.”

Dimitri Poulimenos, Director of Operations
Astra Foods Inc., ​Upper Darby, PA

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